Friday, July 5, 2019

Funeral Insurance Quotes Online

Funeral Insurance Quotes Online

Everybody and their brother advertises that they have funeral insurance quotes, burial insurance quotes or final expense quotes online. Not only that, you will likely read "instant quotes", "guaranteed approval" or even "lowest rates" from nearly every website.

Who should you NOT trust for your funeral insurance quote?

Let's start with who you should NOT trust. You absolutely need to watch out for and not trust the "Lead Vendors". Identifying a lead vendor is not easy for the average person but I can spot them a mile away. I know quite a few of them.

A lead vendor is paid for the lead, some lead vendors will sell the lead to multiple agents and some vendors will even sell your information to a call center. It's an absolutely horrible practice, my personal argument against the lead vendors is that they ruin the world for all the honest agents that just want to do business.

Who should you trust for your funeral insurance quote?

Luckily there are far more reputable, honest and ethical people and companies out there than not. You can start with the brand names if you wish;

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Foresters
  • AIG
  • Gerber
  • Transamerica
That is a great place to start. One thing to remember is that when you contact the carrier directly, they will be selling to you from one menu, THEIR MENU! So, depending on if you don't mind paying $2.00 for a $1.00 burger, direct from carrier is okay.

On the other hand, you can seek out an independent or a broker. A broker will be able to shop around from multiple carriers, you will be shopping from full menus from multiple restaurants. I like to consider a broker to be like the food court at the mall - you have ALL the restaurants and ALL the menus. Not only do you get to pick what you want, you can pay the lowest price possible.

How to find a reputable broker to get a funeral insurance quote?

I was hoping you would ask that! Modestly speaking, Affordable Final Expense is a great website with reputable brokers that will deliver the perfect policy from the right company at the lowest price. How can they back that up?

  • They represent over 30 carriers, most independents are between 8-12 carriers.
  • They have online quotes for those 30+ companies, complete transparency and you can see which carriers have the best rates.
  • When health conditions are a concern, they have world class comparative quoting tools that they use. Unfortunately, those quoting tools are only accessible by agents and brokers (not the public).

Summary and Takeaway

I highly recommend and suggest that you check out Affordable Final Expense for your Funeral Insurance Quotes Online.

You can also see the listen to the Colonial Penn Review (with Rate Quotes) on YouTube